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Speech Intelligence
How to speak competently and expressively?
How to become a confident and charismatic speaker?
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October 4, 2019
Solyanka 4s4
Beginning at 19-00
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What is speech intelligence?
I will teach you to speak as you dreamed
Make your speech
emotional: using facial expressions, gestures and postures,
understandable: remove the parasite words and extra words,
clear: improve voice and diction, get rid of talk and accent,
charismatic: persuade the interlocutor and influence him with the help of words,
expressive: be able to improvise and use artistic techniques.
Alexandra Abramova
motivational speaker and oratory coach

5 years of experience working with international companies and embassies
literary editor, translator, founder of the online copywriting agency

Petrograd, 1917
Warm April evening.
Ten thousand people are looking forward to your soulful speech.
You get off the train and, picked up by the strong hands of friends, climb the armored car.
The rays of the spotlights converge on your figure; waiting until the enthusiastic cheers subside,
you start a speech

Fast forward to 72 years:
Moscow, 1989
You have sold a batch of imported equipment and are planning your first share issue prospectus.
You do not know what to name the company, in your head there is only an inarticulate "mmm".
You go into the office, where the first investors are already waiting for you.
With a firm hand, placing a glass of water next to him,
you start a speech

Moscow, October 4, 2019
Start performing.
Speak convincingly.
Become a part of the story.
Become a speaker
Develop speech intelligence
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October 4 at 19-00, Solyanka 4s4
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